A Brief History

Making training accessible to all

Introducing Dominic - a personal trainer since 1993

Dominic has been training with weights for nearly 35 years and has seen the coming and going of many a diet and training fad!

Dominic started going to the gym at the age of 19. He soon began to develop his own training methods after questioning the effectiveness of some of the accepted training practices of the day. He achieved success in the Under 23 British Power Lifting Championships as a ‘drug-free’ lifter. His own competitive career was unfortunately short lived, due to an enforced lay-off caused by a serious ankle injury.

Dominic continued to train throughout this period, and at the age of 21, turned his attention to providing coaching to other powerlifting competitors. He successfully produced two World and two European Weightlifting Champions by altering their routines and implementing many of his own training methods.

Image of Dominic Marsh, personal trainer since 1993

In 1993, Dominic became a professional Personal Trainer and opened the doors to Dom’s Private Gym in Luton. He now continues to successfully use the training methods that he developed in a larger, fully equipped gym in Barton-le-Clay. Helping ordinary people achieve their own personal health and fitness goals to this day.

This success is based on a simple premise. The key to sustainable long-term fitness is to build muscle and therefore controlling body fat levels through resistance training.

The techniques Dominic employs are the same for men, women and children whether they are athletes or have never trained before. Those who have struggled with diets all their lives, are grossly over or under weight, pensioners, MS sufferers, even those preparing for surgery or getting better after surgery will see huge benefits. The results speak for themselves. Many of Dominic’s clients have been with him for years and personal recommendations (see What Our Customers Say) and word of mouth have ensured there is a constant queue of people waiting to join his gym!

Why choose to train at Dom's Private Gym?

There are basically two things to take into account when selecting a gym. How much is it going to cost and will you obtain the results you desire?

A high street gym can offer low rates. These companies make their profit by signing up as many paying members as possible on long-term contracts. Once you have joined, it unfortunately doesn’t really matter to them whether you turn up or not.

We are different at Dom’s Gym. We have a range of payment methods to suit your needs because we actually want you to come to the gym. The amount of people coming through our doors is also limited because we want to avoid overcrowding. We base our business on getting you results because if you don’t look or feel better, we know you won’t come back! For us it’s personal!

We listen to our customers and at Dom’s Gym we do everything we can to make keeping fit a positive experience. There is no waiting for equipment, there is no wondering what to do or what to eat. Every aspect is covered whether you’re losing weight, gaining weight or recovering from injury.

We offer the support and encouragement you need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.


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Frequently asked questions

What kind of workout will I get from a Personal Trainer at Dom’s Gym?
Our workouts are a combination of cardio and weightlifting exercises. Dominic has designed fun and collaborative workouts for people at all levels of fitness, with hands on coaching at all times. Weight and body fat is monitored and dietary advice given to create a full body workout.

Do I have to go every day?
We recommended at least twice a week, three times would be ideal. You will see better results the more you put the effort in! This is true with any fitness routine.

Okay, what if I’m experienced and very fit, is a Personal Trainer for me?
The gym is for everyone. Our intensive workouts will put you through your paces if you’re up for a challenge. Our coaches will challenge and push you towards your fitness goals no matter what your fitness level and experience.

How do I begin?
Our coaches like to meet with all new members in a FREE intro session. We believe it’s important for us to learn about your current level of fitness and to get to know you and your goals before you start training.

Will I get personal training?
At Dom’s Gym we provide personal coaching in small groups. This enables us to spread the costs and keep the price to you down. You can now train in our Public Gym if you don’t need one-to-one coaching.

Do I have to sign a contract?
You pay for two sessions up front by monthly direct debit. This payment can be cancelled by you any time you like. If you wish to join the Public Gym the fees are paid for by direct debit which can also be cancelled by you any time you like.