Success Stories

Changing peoples lives forever

Dom’s Private Gym has offered personal training services since 1993. We provide individually tailored weight training programmes and dietary advice to help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Here are a few of our success stories! Proof that it’s never too late to make a difference to your lifestyle and improve your health and wellbeing. We hope that seeing ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things will be an inspiration to you if you are considering joining a gym in order to make a positive change to your life.



Image of Raffael showing weight loss in before and after photo

Raffael weighed over 23st before he joined the gym and was concerned about the impact it was having on his health. He was determined to follow the healthy eating plan and put in the time and effort in the gym. He has seen a weight loss of over 8.5 stone in just 12 months. Raffael looks and feels like a new man!

Tracey originally joined the gym to get fit in order to pass a tough ‘physical’ and join the Fire Service. By following Dom’s expert advice and with hard work and determination, Tracey has transformed her body shape. She succeeded in increasing her strength and stamina levels and now works as a Firefighter.



Image of Terry showing weight loss in before and after photo

Terry started training 14 years ago and has seen a weight loss of over 10st. He received continued support and encouragement from Dominic throughout that time. Losing weight can be tough mentally as well as physically. Dominic has been there to help Terry get through the bad as well as the good times.

Ajay has always had a passion for training in a gym but lacked the confidence to do so. Being 8st and a vegetarian he had been told he wouldn’t be able to build muscle. Dom’s structured training regime has seen him gain strength, lift more than he could ever have imagined and finally achieve that muscle gain!