What Our Customers Say

I have been attending Dom’s Private Gym for 18 months, having started because of age related loss of strength and condition. Dom has helped me to regain my strength which, under his guidance I have achieved and then some! I am fitter and stronger now than I have been in 20 years. Following Dom’s tailored nutritional and training advice achieves impressive results.

Dr Edwina Kruszewska M.B., Ch.B., MRCGP

I have been here for 12 months now. Lost around 8.5 stone (54kg), enough said. Dom’s Gym saved my life, Amen. I couldn’t have met a more knowledgeable, caring and positive team anywhere else on the planet…along with the great people that train here, it’s what’s known as the dream factory.

Raffael Ruocco Luton

In September 2016, I began training with Dominic after a long period of time away from gym training (probably 7 years). I made the decision to start again in order to keep myself in a reasonable condition to play rugby and complement my game, especially when coming up against much younger, fitter opposition.

I have a long background of working in and around gyms myself as a coach, manager and lecturer over the last 20 years but found I was bored and demotivated by that environment. Instead I chose to cycle, run and swim which did maintain a good level of fitness but I always felt that the strength training element was missing from this. I spoke with Dominic on a number of occasions before beginning and he detailed how he could meet my particular needs and one year on I am enjoying being in a gym more than ever before.

My strength levels have doubled (making life easier on the rugby field) and it has been a fantastic way of controlling my weight as Dominic covered a dietary plan at the outset. I do believe however that the one key element which has kept me training is the friendly supportive nature of the gym, there are individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. Everyone talks, helps each other (when required) and motivates you to do your best. I regularly recommend Dom’s to patients of mine, as I believe that they are in very safe, knowledgeable hands when they go through that door.

Jeremy Proctor Osteopath, Ampthill

As a 50 year old woman who had never been to the gym before. I was a little daunted at the thought of joining Dom’s Gym at first…I really needn’t have been! This gym is so friendly and full of people all ages and sizes. Everyone chats and makes new members very welcome. By following Dom’s training advice and eating plan, I have achieved great results and feel healthier and stronger than I did in my 40’s. I cannot believe I have been coming for almost 3 years and now my son (19) and daughter (16) have joined me. For me, training with Dom is a real family affair.

Anne Bhattacherjee Luton

Image of Ajay looking for training advice about muscle building

I’ve always had a passion for training at a gym, building muscle and looking good, but just lacked the confidence to do so. I convinced myself that I looked good weighing 8st but, more importantly, I was worried what others would think when they saw a very skinny guy walking into the gym?

The personal trainers I managed to find were all out of my budget. I just couldn’t afford it until I came across Dom’s Private Gym. I joined in January 2015 and still remember my first session to this day. Although it was tough, I managed to get through it with Dom’s encouragement and guidance.

Being a vegetarian made it even more difficult to achieve my goals but that didn’t stop me. My diet was changed to meet my needs and I made sure I stuck to it. At the end of that year, I managed to get to 10st 8 pounds. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, some of 2016 wasn’t great for me and this affected my training a lot. I was missing sessions, not eating properly and I remember being chased by Dom who was concerned that I was not attending the gym. The worst decision I made was to leave for about 6 months. I lost the weight and the muscle I had gained and lost my confidence. Looking back to the year of hard work that I had put in…I realised that I had lost it all.

I returned to the Gym and was determined that 2017 was going to be my year and I was going to achieve my goals, no matter what. Dom was a great support and pushed me to the max, helping me gain strength and lift more than I could ever have imagined. I noticed incredible changes, finally seeing muscle gain!

I can happily say I have achieved my targets and am now weighing in at 12st. Who said you cannot build muscle if you’re a vegetarian?! More importantly I couldn’t have achieved this without Dom’s Private Gym.

This isn’t just your normal gym. You are surrounded with amazing people who don’t only ask how you are, but notice the hard work you put into your training sessions. Everybody motivates one and another and I wouldn’t say we are all friends, but we are a small family who look after one another in the gym. You are encouraged to lift weights that you wouldn’t think you could ever lift and it is a great feeling at the end of each session when you do.

I can put my hands up and say building muscle isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s not impossible either. I know I have had my days when enough is enough, your body aches or you’re not seeing any results. What I have learnt over the few years at Dom’s Private Gym is ‘Be patient. The results will speak for themselves’.

Ajay Bhari Luton

If you need motivation and encouragement and want to get and see results – then I strongly recommend you try Dom’s Gym.

Dominic has been giving me training advice for over 2 years helping me in so many ways. I have become fitter and stronger, both mentally and physically following a serious illness. I have toned up and lost over 2 stone in weight, all from lifting weights and eating correctly. At 45 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life. People often comment on my body shape and my confidence.

Dom’s Gym has become part of my weekly routine. I love going and the people there are so friendly and welcoming. Not at all intimidating or testosterone fuelled like some gyms!! There are so many benefits of going to the gym – why wouldn’t you give it a go?

Sara Wallis Luton

I had a heart attack at the age of 39 and have suffered from back problems for many years. I have now been training at Dom’s Gym for over 11 years. The personal training advice, healthy eating plan and week in, week out support given by Dominic has been instrumental in my improved health…I have never felt better!

The guys at the gym make training a pleasure. The atmosphere and mix of people that you train with is something you don’t find at other gyms. I would definitely recommend training at Dom’s Gym because whatever age, sex, level of fitness, beginner or experienced you are, everyone is made to feel welcome and not out of place.

Derek Graham Luton

Having been training at Dom’s Gym for the last year. Dominic’s input has really given me focus to keep my health and fitness on track. A two week programme keeps things exciting and challenging and helps me achieve the goals he has set. The atmosphere is always friendly and motivational especially from other members of the gym who are always willing to help or have a chat.

Dom’s knowledge of his field is up there with the best. I would firmly recommend the gym to anyone who is considering taking up training. Personally, I am so happy with the results that I have achieved! This is due purely to the commitment of the staff and support of Dominic at Dom’s Gym.

Paul Aylett Luton

When I was younger I kept fit by canoeing competitively. Gradually though, a back injury that I suffered at the age of 19, started to give me serious problems.

My doctor said it was Lumbago (lower back pain) and I should just live with it. I wasn’t going to accept that! After receiving treatment from a Chiropractor, he advised me to take up weights. I needed to build up the muscles in my back to protect the vulnerable area. I was lucky to find Dom’s Private Gym. By the time I joined, I had lived with constant daily back pain for about 10 years. My body had also adjusted to the injury and meant my posture was awful!

Dominic immediately put me on a training routine aimed at building strength in my back as well as improving my overall fitness levels. He also changed my diet, which I have to admit was pretty poor and even suggested I try the Alexander Technique to sort out my posture. It was a complete physical overhaul, totally unexpected as I only went to sort my back out! I have now been going to Dom’s Gym for over 20 years and the pain is a thing of the past.

With Dom’s expert training advice and guidance I am now squatting over 140kg…not bad for a back that was like glass! I would have given up training years ago if I had gone to a gym like David Lloyds. Dom’s continued support and patience has seen me through the times when I thought of quitting. Training has now become an everyday part of my life and I can’t see myself ever giving it up.

Chris A Clophilll

Great atmosphere and very friendly. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just get fit, Dominic will help you achieve your goals. He really does care about his customers and will support and guide you during every session. Very good mix of male and female customers. If you’re a lady wishing to train you definitely won’t be in an all male environment.

Les Izzard Luton

I started training with Dom 14 years ago and in that time he has managed to help me lose 10 stone. Without his dedication, passion and persistence, especially during the difficult times, I wouldn’t have come close. He will never let you give up even when you feel like! Dom’s encouragement keeps you striving for your goal. I can’t see myself training with anyone else.

Terry Parker Ampthill

I joined Dom’s Gym in October 2014 and was just about to have my 65th birthday in the November. I was a little overweight at just under 14 stone and was having trouble getting off the floor without the assistance of something to steady myself.

Dom advised me that working on all muscle groups and eating properly would get the job done. For the first year, I visited twice a week for couple of hours each day. At the time for some reason, I resisted the dietary advice. I was used to my diet and in my eyes it wasn’t too bad. The second year the advice sunk in! I realised that my targets were not possible unless I started eating properly.

I started shaping up, gaining muscle and losing fat. Now, I train 3 times a week, lifting reasonably heavy weights for my age and can’t wait for Gym days. I am 68 years old in November 2017 and I am now just under 13 stone.

Dave Morris Luton